Some observations about Cambodian-American Elizabeth Heng’s new (and provocative) advertisement condemning the ‘socialism’ of the Democratic Party.

1. She’s 34. Cambodia gave up ideological socialism (Vietnamese sponsored Leninism) in 1989. She would have been three, four? She has no lived experience that she is drawing on. Family perspective, perhaps.


2. Cambodian refugees have a general tendency to swing to the right. But they are far less ideological than say, Vietnamese refugees.


3. Elizabeth Heng’s family very likely benefited off refugee assistance, public assistance.  You don’t get gulags from Social Security programs or government supported health care. If that were the case, all of Europe would now be a prison camp.
Don’t like ‘socialism’? It will be a tough fight to roll back Medicare, good luck.
The Khmer Rouge were not only extreme Maoist-inspired Communists: they were also ethnonationalists. Republicans are arguably much more ethnonationalist than Democrats.


4. She worked on Trump’s inaugural committee. She is working for a party that deports Southeast Asians.


5. She does not have broad support. Do a Twitter or Facebook search on her name. It’s 98% dislike, 2% (or less) agreeing.



6. Heng has a habit of trying to grab attention and pick fights, say outrageous things. Take her words with ‘a grain of salt’.


7. Cambodia is run by the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP), since 1979. The party leadership is all former Communists. GOP State Senator (and Trumper) Doug Ericksen observed 2018′s  election and now lobbies for the CPP in the USA. Republicans need to mind their own house, if they have such antipathy towards ‘socialism’ and ‘communism’. They don’t even know what those words mean.


8. Her political action committee ‘New Faces’ has its web site registered in Panama, a famous tax dodge haven. Kind of strange.


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