Dear visitors and expats alike,

Cambodia is a country with many faces, many of them smiling! Also, it is a country of many liberties, most of those highly valued by the Khmer.

A clear example of that is seen in traffic. For cyclos, a limit of 100 kilos was instated a while ago, but you still see whole restaurants including the workforce being transported by those bikes. (My friend and restaurant manager joked that he on his own couldn't legally take a cyclo anymore.) And as there is no (enforced) restriction on the amount of passengers per motorcycle, many families are able to visit the occasional fireworks in Phnom Penh in full number. It would be far too expensive for the average family to drive up and down carrying one family member at a time, anyway.

Enough inspiration for an illustrator, I can assure you.


In some cases the word 'inspired' isn't suited for an artwork. Seeing the poverty here sometimes propels me to make a drawing, resulting in a series on that subject.

Recycling outside the Central Market

Anyway, don't forget to enjoy Cambodia as long as you're here. Keeping an open eye for details surely helps!

  Aryan Jansonius

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