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Jun 10, 2005

Cambodia Blogs

Cambodia Blogs

An update of my list of Cambodia weblogs. I may have been the first (jury's still out on that) but I'm certainly not the last.

Santapheap http://pookaibooks.org/weblog/ Library Project & lifestyle

Tharum http://www.tharum.blogspot.com/ Cambodian student blog

Sweet Cucumber http://www.sweetcucumber.com/ High tech and daily life, lotsa cool pix.

Khmerang.com http://www.khmerang.com New kid on the block

Tentative de Blog http://www.kerwan.net/blog/ Erwan from France

Maytel 2020 http://maytel.blogspot.com/ Adopted by wolves

Communication for Development http://communication4dev.blogspot.com Techie blog

Wanna http://www.cambuild.com/wanna/ Funky Khmer Tech

Cambodia4Kids http://beth.typepad.com/cambodia4kidsorg/ Widely Read

Pepy Ride http://www.pepyride.org/journal/journ.html On a quest

living in cambodia http://www.livingincambodia.com/ Lots of background

Parish without Borders http://www.parish-without-borders.net/cditt/cambodia/dailylife/2005/dailylifekh05.htm Like it says

travel-itch http://elizabethbriel.blogspot.com/ Cameras 4 Cambodia http://camerasforcambodia.blogspot.com/ Travel and teaching by Elizabeth

Down the Road: Cambodia http://www.downtheroad.org/Asia/Journals/2Cambodia_journal.htm Travel

ThisTopia http://thistopia.blogspot.com/ Travel and teaching

Illuminating Cambodia http://www.we-blog.jp/air/yukiko/ In Japanese

Danny's Weblog http://www.panix.com/~dannyw/weblog/Asia/Cambodia/Miscellaneous/ Another techie blog

RJ's Phnom Penh Journal http://www.greatestjournal.com/users/rickangel/ PP Lifestyle

Canuckinasia http://canuckinasia.blogspot.com/ Travel and teaching blog

Karen in Cambodia http://www.livejournal.com/~karenincambodia/ Travel mayhem and mishaps

Parallel U http://ratmachines.com/travel/sk_cam02/sk_cam.htm Travel and teaching blog

The Phnom Penh http://thephnompenh.blogspot.com/ Texas, Turkey and now Cambodia.

Tan and Trev http://tanandtrev.blogspot.com/ Travelers unpack recent Cambodian history via their visit to srok kmai.

Darren Conquest http://www.darrenconquest.blogspot.com/ Ministry of Fish and Fun

Laura in Cambodia http://lauraincambodia.blogspot.com/ Legal Aid and more

Cam-blog http://www.cam-blog.blogspot.com/ News and views from young Cambodians.

Kampucheacrossings http://kampucheacrossings.blogspot.com Essays and observations on work in Penhville and provinces

That'll Do

http://www.livejournal.com/users/snazzzzz/ Busy in Battambang

Anyone for a blog pub night?


Postscript: 'Cambodia Weblogs' threads on Andy Brouwer's forum:



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