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Oct 16, 2005


Cambodia's third weblogger meetup took place this Sunday October 16 at Chit Chat Bubble Tea cafe. Kampuchea Crossings was missing in action, The Phnom Penh has moved to Thailand, CamerasforCambodia is in Siem Reap, and BahasaKhmer was away for work. It was just Lux Mean, ThaRum and yours truly. blog_meetup_october_2005 It was good to catch up with both of them. Both have day jobs in information technology and had some interesting thoughts about the development of resources here. We all agree that somehow we have to get more Khmer Unicode programs and fonts out to the provinces. There was a lot of discussion about blogging as a form of media. Is it subject to the same constraints as newspapers and books? How will Cambodia's blog scene develop as compared to places like India, China or other Asian countries? Tharum and LM were also intrigued by the idea that Singapore had a blogger convention, and that we could do our own local awards. ("Best local writer", Best Foreign Writer", "Best Design", etc.) Most importantly though we all agreed we needed more people, and to announce our meetings in advance! So: Next meetup will be Sunday November 13th, 6 pm at Chit Chat. (Plenty of advance notice!) Come one, come all! We will discuss a possible 'portal site', t-shirts and other things. Tags:

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Looking toward to see more Geek talkers next time.

Thanks for the post and picture.  

A portal site is a good idea, one that is similar to Tomorrow.sg.

It could serve as an aggregator for Cambodia blogs content and will no doubt gather quite a bit of eyeballs from the Cambodian blogosphere.

The Singapore blogger convention was largely possible because of Tomorrow.sg I would presume. Cause it is definitely not easy to organize such an event as compared to your 3 bloggers meetup. ;)

All the best.  
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