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Feb 8, 2006


Malaysia. So Tharum gets to go to London, I get to go to Malaysia. I'm going to present something on 'Blogs in Higher Education' as well as talk about Khmer Animation. (The real reason? Get some Lat comics .) Also hope to talk to local Arts Network Asia outlet 'Five Arts' about our Komik Cambodia project - next steps. Justin Hall (True Travel Tales) just happens to be traveling through as well, this should rock! Have googled around and found BlogsMalaysia, full of posts and great Malaysian slang lah. Have contacted some of their editors, email is bouncing so I try some workarounds. Cambodian IT, argh. Hope to come back with info to compare Cambodia with other Southeast Asian blogging scenes. Maybe we can do an informal blog meetup. Totally lost in KL though. * * * Reflow opening last night, good visual art (check out Sopheap Pich's 'Klein bottle' collaborative rattan sculpture. (One of the artists is basing his paintings on MySpace profile exaggerations!) I'm straining my neck to see what's going on, and realize the view might be better from the window outside. So I go outside and there's Svay Ken. Drawing, taking notes for a future painting. He's way ahead of the game. No nonsense and 100% artist. I'll just stop here and follow his example, time to do my own comic. Tags: ,

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I suggest you contact a young Malaysian weblogger Soon Kheng: http://www.skthew.com/
And you might have a chance to meet Jeff, father of Malyasian weblogger (http://www.jeffooi.com/).  

I run a blog on alternative education in Malaysia (EducateDeviate, http://educatedeviate.wordpress.com). Perhaps you could send me more details of what you hope to do in Malaysia (when you're coming, when's your presentation, etc) and I can post it up for you. Would like to see that presentation too :)

email is divabat at gmail dot com.  

Jeff Ooi isn't father of anything, but he is Malaysia's most influential (political) blogger.

Aizuddin Danian (www.aizuddindanian.com/voi) would be the pioneer you're looking for. He put together some of our first blog hubs/portals.  

There is also a Malaysian blog portal called Project Petaling Street (www.petalingstreet.org). It's named after a popular street in Chinatown Kuala Lumpur, where you can buy brand knockoffs and touristy knick-knacks.  

If there is a 'father' of Malaysian weblogs, who is the 'mother'?

hee hee
- J  

Uh yeah, petalingstreet.org would be that blog portal.  

there's no father of anything in malaysia and not jeff ooi, but he's an influential blogger..
too bad i can't make it to the conference.  
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