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Jun 21, 2005

Traveling Bloggers

The 'Cambodia Blog' frenzy continues. When will it end?
Beyond in-Cambodia blogs and blogs relating to Cambodia overseas, then there's the additional category of 'Travel Blogs'.
Journeyfile has a list of Cambodia Travel Blogs,
as does Travelblog.org
and there's a fair number of Evangelist Travelblogs too. (Yep, I'll read anything related to Cambodia.) Haven't found any Mormon ones yet.
http://www.othersideofdawn.blogspot.com/ http://sharvin1.blogspot.com/ http://www.campbellincambodia.blogspot.com/ http://msenften.blogspot.com/ http://www.wendysblog.com/ Projects Cambodia Project http://cambodiaproject.blogspot.com/ Carpet Making in Poipet Kids Art Cambodia http://kidsartcambodia.blogspot.com/ Impromptu childrens' Art project, Sihanoukville More Local Bloggers - by Cambodians from Cambodia. mostly sporadic posting. http://sambosamphors.blogspot.com/ http://newgenkh.blogspot.com/ http://khmerbird.blogspot.com http://somongkol.blogspot.com/ Expats: Legal fun in Cambodia: http://natalieneumann.blogspot.com/ Becky in Cambodia http://beckyincambodia.blogspot.com/ Chicana en Cambodia http://cambochica.blogspot.com/ Peter , vake in Cambodia http://spaces.msn.com/members/petermerckx/ Our first Dutch Blog, from Kompong Cham Other:
While Manur.org often posts Cambodia info, it is not a specific Cambodia blog. I'm sure we are missing some blogs in French and other languages. Big shout out to Andy Brouwer, who has a message board that's pretty blog-tastic with lots of up to date information. Global Voices also provides a fair amount of on their own blog for updates. And Pookai is getting in on the act, revising its fairly comprehensive link list. Want more? Portals: http://blo.gs/search.php?q=Cambodia http://www.technorati.com/tags/Cambodia

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