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In Our Cups

Saw World Cup at Foreign Correspondents Club last night, England v Denmark. Let's just say there were a few 'melancholy Danes' afterward. Everybody wants a t-shirt. (Especially when they're free!) One friend assumed I was selling them, something I didn't even think of. Maybe that could pay for some domain ...

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Housekeeping / Deleting

You can see some older pages here at

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Style, Sanitation, Sovanna Phum

Off to Sovanna Phum tonight, with a handful of freshly printed t-shirts in hand. Happy with the printing job, they look OK! Rained yesterday and the sewers weren't draining the brown sludge...they were spewing up black goo. Sanitation aside, life is pretty good. I'm happy to be back in Phnom Penh.

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