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les artistes

 les artistes I'm moving office. Meanwhile, here's some discussion on Nhek Dim, Uth Roeun and Vann Molyvann

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Have robes, Will blog

Have robes, Will blog Trent Walker, a young musician from the States, is finishing his time as a monk after five months in robes. Not only that, he's blogging about it! It's a unique window into a friendly meeting of east and west.   ...

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Literary Life

Literary Life Nou Hach Literary Awards happened today, one of our shortest and most productive meetings yet. There are some cities that are renowned for literature, why not Phnom Penh? Today there weren't enough seats for the crowd. I can see there are a lot of contending ideas about just what ...

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Oh No, Fido!

Oh No, Fido! Following Phil's post on yummy Chinese noodles, my stomach growled. I headed over to my favorite noodle/dumpling spot for lunch. There is a whole street of noodle places near the Psaa Thmei (New/Central Market) so you're presented with a number of choices. And once you're inside, you've got a ...

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Nou Hach Literary Awards

Announcement, 4th Yearly Awards Ceremony/Conference The Nou Hach Literary Association is holding its 4th annual conference. This year’s featured speaker is K.S. Maniam, an award-winning writer from Malaysia. The Nou Hach literary awards for poetry, short story and song will also be presented at this event. The Nou Hach Journal’s ...

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