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Literary Life A meeting of the Cambodian Book Sector Federation. Pal Vannarirak has copies of her two new novels to share. Cool! "Sun In Nighttime", cover by Hul Sophon. "Outside of your Arms" (Literally, like upper body or torso. Will have to check this translation.) Cover by Em Satya. More info on our prolific writer:

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Saturday: Nou Hach Literary Journal Annual Awards meeting. This third time, things go pretty smoothly. (Editing the raw photos at the moment.) Nol Dara has a new poetry book out - 'My dog, Their Dog'. (Only 2000 riel - 50 cents!) Nice cover by Sam Sarath. Khing Hoc Dy spent the whole day ...

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Friday: Getting ready for the Nou Hach Journal meeting. And also some plans on archiving of old style Khmer comics. Many of these old comics had glossy painted covers which are not given justice by the cheap printing techniques of today.

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Thursday: Refugee Film Festival Another jam-packed showing of 'The Flute Player' at the French Cultural Centre. Masters Nong Chok (Bassac), Youn Mec (Wedding Music), Kung Nei (Chapei Dong Veng) and Yim Saing (Flute) were there. Many questions from the mixed audience of foreign and local viewers. Great response, and the Refugee ...

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The Magic Forest

The Magic Forest Based on the novel by Mao Samnang, one of Cambodia's most prolific female novelists. Check out that weird funky circular symbol behind the logo, it looks like one of those good luck charms so common here. Often it's got Pali words written in Khmer inserted ...

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