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Thai Dramas

Just after the successful ASEAN summit, and after the ASEAN Tourism Meeting, massive riots against Thai people & business in Cambodia. Why? Alleged comments made by Suwanan ``Kob'' Khongying, a Thai soap opera actress. There is a bit of sensationalism in the press here..I think this story should be thoroughly checked ...

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No Thanks, Kabila

Every now and then this generic spammail floats around. It seems the son of an African Dictator has an awful lot of money he wants to share with lucky me: ----------------------------------------------------------------- Your contact was availed to me by the chamber of commerce. It was given to me because of my diplomatic status as I did ...

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EFEO: The East Mebon and Pre Rup

Lundi 27 janvier/ Monday January 27 You are cordially invited to attend the following informal presentation: East Mebon and Pre Rup - two tenth century temples Alexandra Haendel Ph.D. candidate, SOAS, University of London Both the East Mebon and Pre Rup have been described before, and their inscriptions translated. Nevertheless, a detailed study of ...

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Andy’s Cambodia

A brief visit from Andy Brouwer brightens the day. He's got an extensive site on Cambodia, highly recommended. Learning about the country? Looking to find resources, a travelogue or a place to chat? Give it a go.

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Drawn Theatre in Siem Reap

Looks like the 'Lakhorn Kou' (Drawn Theatre) folks at Coconino-World have updated their site. Even if you are linguistically limited, the lingua franca of pictures is universal. Have I mentioned this site too much? Okay, I'll shut up now.

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