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Hello Hello

In Bangkok. Stayed up all night at the office, writing memos and sorting out stuff. Wiped out. Seeya in two weeks.

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Testing, testing

Beta testing sites for Cambodian Women's Crisis Centre and Rose Center. Very simple, but it's good to whack something up just to get things rolling. Need more sleep.

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Will Web 4 Comix

Wednesday went to Cambodian Womens' Crisis Centre. ("CWCC") There I met with the artist and writer of three comics regarding womens' issues - trafficking, rape, and domestic violence. It's compelling stuff, not just as activism but as art. The cartoonist is a primary school teacher, and the writer was a ...

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Yay Asian Cinema

Film fun: Circle of Gun (Thai Film). If you like the sort of John Woo over the top cinema, this is clearly in that sort of vein. A little more drama, a little less gunplay. Wish I knew the proper Thai name of this one. Also entertaining - Indian Film TAAL. Back ...

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Qualities and Quantities

An interesting article about mob violence here. Also on the issue of mobs, saw a demonstration today. Thought it was the Sam Rainsy party, but it was an anti-Sam Rainsy demonstration. Wonder how that came about? Need to think about my relationship with coffee. I'm not sure it's a healthy relationship. More t-shirts in the works. ...

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