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More Silence

More Silence For today, at least. Tags:guns,virginiatech,onedayblogsilence

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Rat in Me Kitchen

Rat in Me Kitchen Perusing one of the larger supermarkets in Phnom Penh I found a new variation on a classic product. I was first introduced to this by fellow expat Karen in the year 2000, who practially dragged me to the aisle to show me. She pointed out a metal tin ...

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Silence Today is 'Take Back the Blog' day, so I think I'll just STFU and let others say their piece. More at Related: Tags:takebacktheblog

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The Banyan Weekend

The Banyan Weekend 27th to 29th of April Meta House Phnom Penh Street 264 #6 Sangkat Chktomuk (South of Wat Botum Pagoda) 012 607 465 023 22 41 40 Fri/Sat 6pm to 12: Banyan Works Objects / Videos /Drawings by Alfred Banze (Germany) People's Thoughts Are Children's Play-Tools Videos by Juhani Koivumaki (Finland) Sun, 3pm: Banyan Project Presentation / Performance together with Cambodian ...

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Marry a Square

(in response to the 'proof that girls are evil' meme that has been floating around the Khmer blogosphere...) Marry a Square 1. To find a husband, a Khmer woman must take be patient as there are many rules in polite society that govern this process. This takes time. 2. "Time is money" so ...

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