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Exposition at Soryia Centre

Exposition at Soryia Centre Here, try this. Only on for 3 more days. Tags: Cambodia

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ATMs, so what?

ATMs, So What?   There's been a lot of discussion in the expat community about Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) coming from the new Australia New Zealand / Royal Group collaboration.   99% of the local population won't be using these. Canadia Bank already has a limited ATM system in place ...

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So can anyone tell me what this little seed is called? And what it's used for? Been having a lot of fun with these this last week. Click on 'link' below to comment. Tags: Cambodia

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Out of time and off of line

Out of time and off of line Little time to blog, so try this: or KampucheaCrossings' notes on New Orleans or ThePhnomPenh's and Cambodia's response. If Cambodia is sending aid money to the USA, maybe ...

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Do not adjust your set

Low bloggage for a little while, keeping busy. Stay tuned.

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