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Sudan Sudan - ways to help. We say 'never again' after Cambodia, Bosnia, East Timor, but still these horrible events go on. Take a look, do your part.

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Deaf Theatre at Sovanna Phum

Deaf Theatre at Sovanna Phum Tuesday 21st September 2004 at 6:30pm Free Entrance! The Khmer Deaf Theatre Project aims to encourage, develop and promote creativity in the art practice of performing arts to the Deaf students of Deaf Development Programme (DDP). The show is presented in two parts, a story ‘From Nothing to ...

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Oh Yeah No more raphsodizing about house sitting - found my bike covered in bat poo this morning. My fault for parking it there.

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Recycling Tires and Ideologies

Recycling Tires and Ideologies Tired Feet? Get your 'Old Hos'. Ho Chi Minh Sandals, on sale now in Siem Reap and via the Internet.

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Flashes Minding a lovely old french colonial house and the amenities therein. On the drive there tonight, lightning crackles as a storm slowly moves in. Sometimes you'll hear thunder and see lightning but no rain, if any, for hours. 'The thunder always hides what the lightning sees'. Workin' on the exhibition - more ...

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