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Cycle Cambodia

Meanwhile, Erwan is cycling to Siem Reap! Photos and adventures on his weblog.  

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We seem to be heading towards blog convergence here; comics and Cambodia. See for Phnom Penh comics workshop. Meanwhile, in France, more Cambodia memoirs are on the way from Institute Pacome and associates: The weekend illiko May 21, and 22 2005 "illiko" exposure meets draughtsmen authors and contemporary illustrators from the 20 ...

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L’Eau et la Terre

 L'Eau et la Terre "Water and Earth" : Sera's thoughts on how to represent history via comics.   Interview at   translation via

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Camembert and Cognac

Camembert and Cognac   The streets are deserted as people visit the temples and their friends during the day, and party in the evening. For a foriegner, I've been invited to a few parties but have to keep my nose to the grindstone with a few ...

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Under the Drops of Falling Rain

Under The Drops of Falling Rain by Oum Suphany Been meaning to post about this novel I've been reading on and off. The author is contactable via the office of the Royal Palace. This novel was published in Khmer in 1989, translated into English in 1997. Structurally a romance regarding an arranged marriage ...

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