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Barang cheh Kmai

Barang cheh Kmai is a phrase that follows me around, it means 'french knows khmer'. Any foreigner who looks to be of European extraction is called 'barang' so even though my French skills are terrible, by default I am a 'barang'. (This gives much amusement to my ...

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Think Global, Blog Local

Think Global, Blog Local An article in Wired (by Matt Reed, writer of the Cambodia Daily article last week) brings yet more attention to the Cambodian 'blogosphere'. [courtesy],1284,68224,00.html Pundits weigh in here, here ,and here. Blogger Buzz tags it as well. Hope Global Voices doesn't mind if I excerpt one ...

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Comics Meeting

Cambodian Comics Meeting Comics 'special interest group' meeting 5:00 pm - onward July 15 at the Cambodian Book Sector Federation. We'll be talking about portfolios, our upcoming 'Rencontre' in October, "One Day in Phnom Penh" anthology, Angouleme Festival, Indonesia/Cambodia exchange and more. Some of our guests: ...

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Blogs: the Hip New Thing

Blogs: the Hip New Thing Tharum gets a mention in the Cambodia Daily this last Thursday. Some guy called 'Jinja' is in the Phnom Penh Post 'Gecko' this weekend. Fun to see! Alas, 'dead tree bloggers' usually have a bit of lag time ...

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Khmer Architecture Tour

Khmer Architecture Tour This last weekend I took a look at the Tonle Bassac community, and buildings nearby it including the burnt-out National Theatre. The visits are done by Khmer Architecture Tours, which highlight the 60s and 70s architecture that is so unique in Cambodia. Want a look? Here's my photos. ...

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