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Kite seller

Kite seller in Phnom Penh.

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Transit Opening

Transit opening at Java Cafe That's our Sopheap Pich standing in front of the painting. And Michele Vanvlasselaer in the center here, discussing her work. A great night with many familiar and new faces checking out the art work! Click for more. ...

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Logo Design Contest

Logo Design ContestGraphic Designer, Graphic Artists, Computer Lovers, and Web EnthusiastsThe Youth and Development project of the Open Forum of Cambodia is launching a logo design contest to provide a chance to win a small award. Please read this for further info: help forwarding this message to your friends and colleagues.Thanks very ...

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Cafe Khmao

Cafe Khmao I was finishing up an iced coffee ('cafe khmao') and looking for change in my wallet when one of the teenage girls waiting tables pointed at something outside. "Khmao" (dark), she said. She and her co-workers were fascinated. The woman walking outside looked to be a tourist from the ...

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C’est Jolie

C'est Jolie So Angelina Jolie has been granted citizenship? Quick, cue the media. Since her time filming Tomb Raider, the actress of the hour has embraced activism, Hollywood style. Better that than apathy. Interesting that she has chosen Samlot as a place to help out. It was the setting of a rebellion against ...

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