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Betty Ford and the GT Falcons Talking to a Stranger Saturday Sept 30, 2006 Foriegn Correspondents Club rooftop terrace Saturday Oct 7 2006 Admission free! Drinks? They're at barang prices. From 'What's On'. Tags: Cambodia,rockandroll

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Pchum Ben 2006

Feeding the Ghosts I'll be seeing nicely dressed families going to the pagodas for the next few days. Like just about every culture, Cambodians have a holiday to pay respects to the departed: Pchum Ben. Most offices are giving their staff Tuesday through Monday off; the actual time of observance is ...

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Coup next door

Coup next door. We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog for a news update: Thai military coup. via CamNews: All over the news media shortly. Damn. Over the last year, I was getting the impression that ASEAN countries were getting into the habit of resolving political differences more and more via institutions rather than ...

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Starbuckian San Francisco, Christmas vacation, 2004: I am walking the slanting streets of San Francisco. No matter where I turn, there is always a coffee shop within my sight. Starbucks coffee, to be precise. Just how much coffee does one city need? There is room in the market for an upscale coffee ...

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Feather Weight

Feather Weight is a photo essay and a book on Cambodian boxing by John Vink, a Belgian photographer based in Phnom Penh. That and the prospect of free drink lured me to Le Popil, this last Friday (15 Sept). (Center: Stefan and Delphine: OK,where's the bottle opener? Far right: people check out the book.) The ...

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