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Romancing the Stone

Romancing the Stone: Celebrity Archaeologist Talk at Ecole Française d'Extrême-Orient (Siem Reap) Dating temples in Southeast Asia Dr. William SOUTHWORTH Postdoctoral Research Fellow, International Institute of Asian Studies, Leiden University EFEO says: "The talk will examine the different methods used for dating temple architecture, including the use of historical analogy, epigraphy, art history, architecture and archaeology. ...

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Raucous Roll

Raucous Roll Betty Ford and the GT Falcons emerge from the studio to play at the Zeppelin Cafe (Phnom Penh), evening of this coming January 27th (Saturday). Could be their last gig with the current line-up. And on the music angle (paging Mr. Khmerang) Metafilter has a short thread on Khmer ...

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Cross-Country Collaboration

Cross-Country Collaboration If you live in Southeast Asia and want to collaborate with regional artists, Arts Network Asia is wrapping up its application process by the end of January. Got it in you to write a one-page proposal? Then click for English or Khmer info. For a local ...

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Weddings The fortunetellers must be on the same wavelength for choosing auspicious days. I'm going to not one but TWO weddings this week. The second was a surprise, but young people play their cards close to the vest - not until the date is set do they 'fess up that ...

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A local film festival Jason Rosette is putting together. Get in touch at: Tags:cambodia,cinema

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