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Going Viral

Going Viral What did I wake up to this morning? A text message. Forwarded repeatedly throughout the day, clogging up my phone. 'Please forward to everyone you know'. Option: delete. If cattle are dying so rapidly, it'd have to be some new disease - even hoof and mouth disease doesn't work that fast. ...

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Flow Flow Sculpture/installation and photographs by Pich Sopheap Sala Artspace 339E2 Sisowath Quay (top floor, through Mekong Web) Showing until June 16 Sala Artspace, 339E2 Sisowath Quay, Phnom Penh (through Mekong Web, top floor) [from What's On]

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Built to Last

Built to Last With pollution levels rising in the Tonle Sap lake, we are expecting to see some changes amongst its inhabitants as they toughen up. (from the Peace of Art Project, on display at The ArtHouse in Siem Reap) Tags:cambodia,sculpture

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Khmer Blog Portal 1.0

Khmer Blog Portal 1.0 It's been my New Years' Resolution to read up on rss feeds and develop a Khmer-related blog portal site, similar to or Now I find that E-Khmer has beaten me and done the task, quite well in fact. They have put together a feed portal that gathers ...

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Noise, Silence

Noise, Silence April 28th, 'Take Back the Blog' will encourage women bloggers to raise their voice. April 30th, 'OneDaySilence' will observe the Virginia Tech massacre. Tags:blog,takebacktheblog,onedayblogsilence

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