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Busted by the Man

Ticket to Ride Pulled over by the cops today on Sihanouk boulevard, for driving with my lights on. The good news is that traffic cops are now giving reciepts for fines, making the whole process just a tad more legitimate. I refused to pay for not having a license - there ...

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The King thing

Three days off for the new King's coronation. Startled by fireworks this evening, there's been a lot of them lately. There's a lot of optimism and a lot of interest in things royal for the time being. The country will resume work Tuesday. Just got back from a short break ...

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Cambodia Computer Raid

Cambodia Computer Raid Science Fiction writer Bruce Sterling notes that a romance fiction writer's house was raided - for writing about Cambodia. If you think that as women’s fiction writers, we’re immune from scrutiny under the Patriot Act, think again. Last fall, the home of a multi-published author for an RWA-recognized ...

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Bande Dessineé au Cambodge

Bande Dessineé au Cambodge is the only comics exhibition linked to by Les Jeunes Khmers, Khmer Connection, Freakschool Indonesia and Silver Bullet Comic Books. Now that's a good demographic! more news and updates at

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Tidbit One of the little things I like about living in Cambodia.

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