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  1. Nag says:


    My name is Nag , a television producer working from Singapore, i just happen to see your blog , . I’m currently working on an 8-part television series called Global expats for a local television channel. It aims to examine and track the lives and livelihood of expatriates who choose to work, live and play in Asia. I would like to feature you in our series. We would like you to share your Expat experience what kind of a cultural shock you had? How did you cope? What are the things you like about the new place? How is different is life away from home etc. what’s the culture shock you had first moved in? What efforts you take to adapt to the culture? (For example learning language, music, art etc? how you socialize with local people etc.

    If you are interested pls. drop me line

    We will take it from there.


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  3. Seila says:

    Dear Jinja

    I think you forget me, I used to talk with you at the Clogger summit. How are you ? I hope you can answer my questions about the role of blog in developing society.
    I am doing a story about the role of blog or personal web in promoting democracy in Cambodia.
    1. Can you tell me about the situation of using internet of Cambodian people today? Do they just come to chat for fun? or something else?
    2. What if more Cambodians can create their own blog to speak out for their country as well as to promoting democracy in this country, do you think what will be benefit for Cambodia and our “democratic” Country? Do you think it will help something?

    I hope to get the answers from you soon.



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  5. Dear Jinja,

    I’m writing a book on fantastic-horror-mystery cinema with an important Italian critic, the most complete ever written since it also includes less-known cinematographies. We have included several films from Indonesia, Thailand, some Malaysian, a couple from Vietnam and anything from Cambodia. We have found your site and blog where you talks about Cambodian cinema and not only. We are wondering if you can help us to track down some Cambodian films of the genres in question and if possible review them for us. Also welcome would be recommendations of other people who can do this, if you don’t have the possibility. Please it’s very important for us.
    write to:

  6. mx says:

    Lot’s of good information about Cambodia here. Maybe you could answer a question of mine. Do Cambodia’s Internet cafes have DVD rom drives, or just the old CD rom drives? I will be going in a couple of months and I need to know how to store some data. Thanks.

  7. Jinja says:

    Hi MX, most internet cafes have simple CD Rom drives.
    I’d suggest a USB portable hard drive that you can take to an internet shop and burn items to DVD on.

  8. Tom Aarons says:

    Hi John,

    Your blog is one of my oldest and best sources of online news about Cambodia. Thank you.

    I recently started a blog of my own with a little relevance to things Cambodian ( Could I ask you to have a look and leave a comment or two about what you think?

    And maybe also link to it?



  9. Oscar says:

    Hi John,
    It’s Oscar here from the Globe. Charlie introduced us at Mark’s birthday the other night. I wanted to ask you a few questions for the social networking story I’m doing if that’s okay. Could you send me through an email address I can contact you on?
    Hope you’re well!

  10. Sontary says:

    Dear Jinja
    I am a business man ,I prefer Khmer culture .I want to know Khmer heritage history and culture.
    Please send me through the about address.



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