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Hands Student work at the Royal University of Fine Art's South Campus, Phnom Penh. Tags:cambodia,sculpture

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Visualize Whirled Peas

Visualize Whirled Peas USA Embassy folks don't seem to get out much. Doubtless it's related to the States' endemic 'anti-terror' procedures. Which led to some pub postulation: maybe the reason the American Embassy is so big because there's a secret discotheque underneath. That's where all the diplomats tie one on - ...

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Read Other Blogs

Read Other Blogs An early start today, thanks to the loud blaring of wedding music at 5am. Weddings, funerals: share the joy, share the pain. With the entire neighborhood. So while I wrap myself around an extra-large mug of coffee, wrap your head around these bits of bloggery. Go on, it's good ...

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Skeletal Elephant

Skeletal Elephant Gratuitous photo: wireframe pachyderm, Khien Svay. Tags:cambodia

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Impunity is a word that gets used often in discussions about Cambodia. Yesterday, pop star Pov Panhapich was shot at close range, on her way to English class. Khmer forums are rife with speculation. Today: via text message: it seems another Free Trade Union officer has been killed. That would be the fourth since ...

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