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Blogging Live Feb 28 Email to blog means big fun. Today I'm going to post what I do live. I'll unscramble it later, tidy up a few details. Liveblogging: blog your day, on the go, as you go. Take notes on paper or tote your laptop. Work or ...

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Talking Book

Talking Book Geoff Ryman reads from his new novel "The King's Last Song" in this MP3: More at Geoff opens Huddersfield Literary Festival on Thursday 16 March 2006 Looks like Cambodia may get a visit in March/April. Tags: Cambodia,novel

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Ot Pleung!

Ot Pleung! Discussing how to un-break Mo-Ling's blog - when the power goes out! Well, we'll just use a flashlight. Must buy some more candles too. Power panic! Tags: Cambodia,VJing,weblog

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Sraa Beer Sexy

Sraa Beer Sexy There's a lot of amusing advertising in Cambodia, and these sketches are inspired by that. A one minute thumbnail by Jinja. A 20 minute mockup by Vuth. We're just having some fun. Tags: Cambodia,comics

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Video DJing in Cambodia

Video DJing in Cambodia Could be a first! (This was about two weeks ago.) Sopheap suggested we go to a party at 'Gasolina'. "Quick, where's a camera?" I asked. It was fun to see combined local footage as well as some creative mixing of different images, words and effects. DJs at work (DJ ...

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