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Beaucoup de Femmes

Beaucoup de Femmes First I get an email about the upcoming "Portraits de Femmes" exhibition on the 9th. Then I get a note about 'Femme Fatale' pub night (3rd). And finally, a long press release from Hôtel de la Paix, "Khmer Feminitude" exhibition beginning on Feb 14. Am I beginning to see a theme for ...

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Santana: the Cambodia Connection

Santana: the Cambodia Connection I was on my way with some of the Sovanna Phum crew to pick up a new skor thom (big drum). Not just your run-of-the-mill drum, this huge object was essentially the cross-section of a tree. Kosal had plans for an animist blessing ceremony so the drum ...

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Bloggies & more

Bloggies & more Whew, wedding frenzy is over. Voting's open for 2007 'Bloggies' awards. Voting closes February 02. Other exciting tidbits: Vireak's 2007 predictions! Career Change! Firefighting training! Chath joins the blogosphere! Khmerbird goes multilingual! MySpace: 'Spam 2.0'? 'Cambodia's Oil find could eliminate poverty'! Oh yeah, right. (Need more coffee.) Tags:cambodia,blog

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Weddings Pt. 2

Weddings Pt. 2 Cute couple! One down, one to go. Busy weekend. Tags:cambodia,wedding

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The Hip New Accessory

Wedding stuff is keeping me occupied. For now, check out this development. Lots of trainings going on! - J -------------------------------------------------- ANNOUNCEMENT Open Forum Cambodia BLOG TRAINING PROGRAM Open Forum of Cambodia (OFC), a leading NGO specialized in information technology and website management, is to play necessary roles in promoting and strengthening people’s share of ideas ...

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