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Sacred Sites

Old Myths and New Approaches Advances in the Interpretation of Ancient Religious Sites in Southeast Asia Conference hosted by the Centre of Southeast Asian Studies and Monash Asia Institute ...

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Books, books and more books.

Books, books and more books. Meetings at the Federation for the Development of the Book Sector in Cambodia for the next few days, as they prepare for their annual general meeting. First draft of web site at:

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Camerado: Check it out: DJ Sdey and Ratanakiri stuff in the works.

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ELT Cambodia

ELT Cambodia   A good article on English teaching in Cambodia. At times it seems like every expat is an english teacher.

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SHADOW PUPPETS THEATRE     Sbaek Touch" THE LIFE OF THE WILD ANIMALS"  Friday 29th & Saturday 30th April 2005At 7:30pm     Entrance fee: Adults $5, Children $3 Sovanna Phum  Art Association nº111 St 360 ( Corner 105 ) - Phnom PenhTel: 023 987 564 Fax:023 221 932e-mail: sp.admin@camintel.comWe ...

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