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The King thing

Three days off for the new King's coronation. Startled by fireworks this evening, there's been a lot of them lately. There's a lot of optimism and a lot of interest in things royal for the time being. The country will resume work Tuesday. Just got back from a short break ...

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Cambodia Computer Raid

Cambodia Computer Raid Science Fiction writer Bruce Sterling notes that a romance fiction writer's house was raided - for writing about Cambodia. If you think that as women’s fiction writers, we’re immune from scrutiny under the Patriot Act, think again. Last fall, the home of a multi-published author for an RWA-recognized ...

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Bande Dessineé au Cambodge

Bande Dessineé au Cambodge is the only comics exhibition linked to by Les Jeunes Khmers, Khmer Connection, Freakschool Indonesia and Silver Bullet Comic Books. Now that's a good demographic! more news and updates at

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Tidbit One of the little things I like about living in Cambodia.

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Dawl Maung Hauey

Dawl Maung Hauey "It is Time" Premiere Exhibition October 07 2004 Oil paintings and clay sculptures by three emerging Cambodian artists: Chhan Dina, Chhorn Bunsom, Lam Soeung Opening tonight at Java Cafe & Gallery, 6-9pm 56 E1 Sihanouk Blvd, Phnom Penh

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