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The Perils of TV Journalism

The Perils of TV Journalism Jeff Corwin and Anderson Cooper Elephant Escapade (Ouch!) @ More on our intrepid travelers at Details are Sketchy. Tags:cambodia,TV,elephants

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Off the TV

Off the TV and onto your computer via YouTube: the Cambodia Book Federation's public service announcement. "Books: your gateway to the world of knowledge." Featuring Kim Sotheathorngdy. Tags:cambodia,books,publishing

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Industrious Ants

Industrious Ants Or should that be 'industrial'? From Phnom Penh Royal University of Fine Art's sculpture exhibition area. (South Campus). Tags:cambodia,sculpture

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Getting Out the Vote

Getting Out the Vote Above: one of many local candidate slates taped up as Cambodia gets ready to vote for commune elections. (April 1st, 2nd and 3rd. This one's from Funcinpec.) Loudspeaker trucks wind their way through the streets as the pace of campaigning picks up. Even some Wats are getting into ...

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Comfort Food

Comfort Food From the Asia Times article on Pyongyang Cold Noodle restaurant: "In 1993, when Sihanouk was officially reinstalled as the king of Cambodia, he surrounded himself in the civil-war-torn country with people he knew he could trust - North Korean bodyguards." These bodyguards have been seen on occasion at 'Pyongyang', looking ...

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