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I Wonder

...if I can get my arse in gear to have everything sorted for this promising exhibition. Some interesting artists from all disciplines will be mixing it up! Join the fun on Thursday. I'll be back to blogging by then. Tags: cambodia,exhibition

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I'm currently retroblogging the events of the Spotlight Festival. I've got heaps of pictures, and had a great time. I was hoping to do a daily writeup, but when blogging interferes with 'having a life' I veer towards the latter, unless there's urgent news. Death; power: also getting a life is ...

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Master Musician Visits Melbourne

Melbourne friends: if you can handle public television and have a musical bent, this should be of interest. Be sure to say 'hi' to Mongkol (the translator) or Jai (the one with the lip ring). Tell 'em that Jinja sent you.   March Buena Vista Northcote Social Club with Ouch Savy Benefit show ...

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