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Wednesday went to Cambodian Womens’ Crisis Centre. (“CWCC”) There I met with the artist and writer of three comics regarding womens’ issues – trafficking, rape, and domestic violence.

It’s compelling stuff, not just as activism but as art. The cartoonist is a primary school teacher, and the writer was a seasoned NGO worker who’s compiled
the stories based on her experiences in the field. It’s her first publication, and so far she’s the _only_ female cartoonist I’ve seen in Cambodia. Surely there must be others?

Dealing with domestic and sexual abuse is a difficult and stressful job. Certainly there’s a high burn-out rate for those involved. But it reveals a lot about human nature – both horrible things we’d never imagined, and sometimes, moments of grace that rise above.

It’s an endless source of material for some – Andrew Vachss has made a name for himself writing hard boiled crime novels, all based on his experience as a lawyer fighting child sexual abuse. Here’s hoping more people will write as well, for their own needs as well as to inform others.

Thanks to Larissa for her help in setting the meeting up, and watch for a future CWCC page on this site!

In other news, email at my day job has gone all higgledy piggledty. Time for some more serious webwonkin’ & troubleshooting.

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