It’s not easy if you don’t have citizenship in the States. Even if you’ve been living there for years. And many Cambodians, with linguistic barriers, find it difficult to tackle the legal requirements. The government hasn’t been much help.
First they’re deporting Cambodians en masse to Cambodia that have committed small felonies.
Now Choam Nimol from the genre blending band Dengue Fever has been detained by La Migra in what should have been a routine road check. Lighten up guys, would you? Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

From the Dengue Fever News Mailing List:

We want to apologize and let everyone know why we couldn’t make the Feb 7th and 8th Jonathan Richman shows. On the drive back from San Diego, we were stopped at the INS checkpoint in San Clemente. Nimol was taken into custody and has been in jail ever since. We have an immigration lawyer who is doing his best on the case.

We are tentatively planning a benefit show in Los Angeles on March 2nd to help defray the cost of her legal fees. We will keep you posted as the acts become confirmed.

Thanks for your support
Dengue Fever

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