Waters of Angkor

Waters of Angkor
Mardi 10 juin / Tuesday 10th of June

You are cordially invited to attend the following informal presentation:
Waters of Angkor
Modelling the Cultural Hydraulics and Natural Hydrology

Matti Kummu
M.Sc. of water resources, PhD. candidate,
Helsinki University of Technology – MRCS/WUP-FIN Tonle Sap Modelling Project – Greater Angkor Project
Recent research has uncovered from Angkor area an extensive hydrological network stretching across a thousand square kilometres. This study will try to understand better, how the water system was developed, how the system worked, and when and why it collapsed with the help of mathematical modelling.

The hydrodynamic model combined to hydrological models, GIS database of the hydrological network, digital elevation model, comprehensive field work from ground and air, meteorological and hydrological data, and coring results creates an excellent tool for investigating the ancient water system in Angkor area. Sedimentation and erosion rates can be defined for the area using different historical scenarios for land use and climate, allowing archaeologists to test hypotheses about the decline of Angkor against rich and complex datasets. It also lends historical perspective to current systems of land-use and hydrology on the Angkor plain, and will allow decision-makers in modern communities there the opportunity to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.

The study is a part of the Greater Angkor Project, a collaborative research program examining the ecology of Angkor’s decline (University of Sydney-APSARA-EFEO). The study will be conducted in cooperation with MRCS/WUP-FIN Tonle Sap Modelling Project and is part of the Global Changes and Water Resources Project in Helsinki University of Technology.

Matti Kummu is a PhD student from Helsinki University of Technology (HUT), Department of Water Resources. He is doing a PhD thesis about « Water and Unsustainable Development – Historical Analysis of the Water System in the Ancient City of Angkor ». The study is a part of Greater Angkor Project and will/has been conducted in cooperation with MRCS/WUP-FIN Tonle Sap Modelling Project.

The presentation will take place June the 10th, at 6:30 pm in the EFEO library.

Presentation will be in English

In order to encourage scientific exchange, formally as well as informally, we are planning to follow up with other presentations by speakers working on subjects of interest to the Siem Reap scholarly community. You will be noticed by e-mail of these developments as they occur. Please do not hesitate to forward this invitation to whoever you feel would be interested.

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