Chain Stores

Chain Stores

Vietnam’s contribution to capitalism, Trung Nguyen Coffee, has opened a store in Phnom Penh. It’s got a vaguely Starbucks-like atmosphere, and some good blends of coffee. (Pricey for your average Cambodian though.)
Dairy Queen has opened an outlet at Pochentong Airport. Will more chains follow? There’s been a fake McDonald’s in Siem Reap, and also in Phnom Penh.

There’s been a long tradition of fake chain stores in Cambodia, such as ‘Pizza Hot’.

I really can’t diss these too hard. I’m not here in Cambodia to see things just like back home. But after years of underdevelopment, I can’t blame people for wanting something foreign or different.

(Just so long as we don’t have McDonald’s on every streetcorner.)

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