Rajana Society Site

Rajana Society Site

October 6, 2003


Seattle, WA–Just one day after the seventh month anniversary of Rajana’s
creation, the Society celebrates with the relaunching of Site Version 2.0.
This new and improve version is a complete facelift, from top to bottom.

Reintroduced in a sleek new design, On the Spotlight aims to expose
and promote Khmer artists to the global community. These exclusive
interviews conducted by the Rajana Team hope to inspire the masses,
especially the youth. Nath Keo, “RootsMusicCanada.com #1 East Asia Artist”

For easy navigational purposes, three popular new features are found smack
dab in the middle: What’s New, Events Calendar, and Arts & Entertainment
News. The first column is published news written by the Rajana Press and
articles and statements written on the Society. The Events Calendar
powered by the Washington State Cambodian Community (WSCC) and other
Yahoogroups will keep those informed of local and national happenings
within the community. Thirdly, the A & E News section will strive to
provide quality, up-to-dated news from the art and entertainment world.

The site also includes a “knowledge box” component. Rotated regularly will
be the integration of Khmer riddles, proverbs, adages, did you know facts,
and other useful and thought provocative commentaries. Additionally, a
survey has been set-up to gather information and opinions from our

Finally with the Interactive menu, visitors and members can engage with
Rajana through a selection of channels. On that list, the Community Forum
comes in a new design, without the annoying pop-up ads from version 1.0.
Two types of chat interfaces, AOL and Java will give increase accessibilty
to our visitors. And new to version 2 is the Dear Rajana, which will be a
platform for visitors to express their thoughts about the Rajana Society

The Webmaster and the Rajana Team hopes that the releasal of Version 2.0
will increase the standard and quality for all Khmer designed websites

For more information contact Makara Kov, Webmaster or call to leave a
voice message at (206)666-2682.


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