Vendredi 23 janvier 2004 / January, Friday 23rd, 2004
You are cordially invited to attend the following informal

Case Studies of Royal Road from Angkor to Phimai, the Study at
Sukhothai World Heritage Site, and Ayuttaya?s Multi-temporal GIS

Surat Lertlum

Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok

Remote sensing and GIS can be used as tools for archaeological
analysis. There are various cases around the world that remote
sensing and GIS were used to assist archaeologists to pin point and
help to identify archaeological sites. Especially, the applications
of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) demonstrated the applications that
never been imagined before how the technology can help the
conventional way that conducted by archaeologists.
In this presentation, there are three case studies. The first case,
application of remote sensing and GIS for the identification of the
royal road from Angkor to Phimai is presented. The usage of satellite
remote sensing including AirSAR, and other sources such as digital
elevation model (DEM), old maps, aerial photos and ground survey is
demonstrated. The second case, the application of remote sensing and
GIS at Sukhothai world heritage site in the lower part of the
northern region of Thailand is demonstrated. This case study will
demonstrate on how integrated technologies can be used as tools for
world heritage management and study of lives during Sukhothai period.
In the third case study, the information extracted from ancient maps
of Ayuttaya period is compared with the current information extracted
from satellite data, topographic map, and other related information.
The result from this study can be used by archaeologists, for
example, to identify the locations that were mentioned in the royal
chronicles or other documents in existing that describe the live and
locations during that period.

La présentation se tiendra à 18 h 30, Vendredi 23 janvier 2004 au
centre de l’EFEO.
The presentation will take place on January, Friday 23rd, at 6:30 pm
at the EFEO center.

Presentation will be in English

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