“Totally Zen…
Take a mystic journey in ths fabulous bikini by Onda De Mar Swimwear of Colombia. Colorful watercolor scenes are embellished with tiny jeweled beads giving it serene beauty. Bikini top is a sliding tri-top. Bottom has adjustable scrunchy sides and offers moderate coverage n back. Onda De Mar’s designers create high fashion swimwear from their native country of Colombia.”
Baby Buddha Bikini by Onda De Mar Swimwear 2004

That was the wording from a recent clothing catalog. Click if you want to see a very strange looking swimsuit made in Colombia, marketed for the West. (Certainly not Asia!)

What’s next, Jesus swimming trunks?
I heard about this from the ‘Camnews’ email list, a message from which follows below.

From: khmerview*cambodianview.com
Date: 04/23/04 10:28:26

I am astonishingly to see the picture of the Buddha has been printed
in such female swimwear. This Victoria’s Secret company must be
responsible to its consequences. It is an act of degrading,
belittling, insulting, desecrating, ridiculing and blasting to the
Buddha and Buddhists worldwide. Such inexcusable act shall be
affected to yourselves.

Of course, you(the manufacturer), has done nothing bad to Buddha and
Buddhists but you degrade yourself and your own reputation as
humanness, especially to declare another chaotic message to our world.

It is absolutely intentional of the person behind this idea to demean
Buddhists and blast Buddhism popularity. In our present world with
the sense of multiculturalism, multilanguages, multireligions; this
act is really a blasphemer!

As we are Buddhists and peaceful lovers must condemn and accuse this
act as illegality, disharmony and inhumanity.


With Metta,
Bhikkhu Vodano Sophan

From: Savouth Chea
Date: 04/23/04 11:57:18

There is a petition that you can sign.


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