In the Shadow of Angkor
The new issue of Manoa, The University of Hawaii’s literary journal, features both pre and post civil war writing.

In the Shadow of Angkor – Contemporary Writing from Cambodia

Editors: Frank Stewart (Editor)
Sharon May (Feature Editor)

Publisher: Manoa 16:1, University of Hawaii Press, 2840 Kolowalu Street,
Honolulu, HI 96822
Tel: (888) 847 7377
ISBN: 0-8248-2849-6

Table of Contents


The diabolic sweetness of Pol Pot – Soth Polin
In the shadow of Angkor – Sharon May
From journey into light – Ranachit Ronnie Yimsut
The dinner guests – Putsata Reang
The perpetrator, the victim, and the witness – Alex Hinton
Ten gems on a thread – Catherine Filloux
Crossing the killing fields – Min Keth Or
The rule of the universe – Maha Ghosananda


Communicate, they say – Soth Polin
The origin of kounlok bird – Traditional Folktale
Sokha and apopeal – Darina Siv
The accused – Khun Srun
Ghouls, ghosts, and other infernal creatures – Chuth Khay
I hate the word and the letter [Ta] – Khun Srun
Love on cowback – Hak Chhay Hok
Workman – Keir Saramak
A mysterious passenger – King Bunchhoeun
Caged bird will fly – Pollie Bith


Beyond words: Soth Polin – Sharon May
Surviving the peace: Loung Ung – Sharon May
Art of faCt: praCh – Sharon May

Words from the fire: Three Cambodian women writers – Sharon May
Ambassador of the silent world: U Sam Oeur – Sharon May

Film Script
Bophana: A Cambodian tragedy – Rithy Panh

Three rap lyrics from Dalama – praCh
Four poems – U Sam Oeur

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