Nou Hach Literary Journal Annual Awards meeting. This third time, things go pretty smoothly. (Editing the raw photos at the moment.)

Nol Dara has a new poetry book out – ‘My dog, Their Dog’. (Only 2000 riel – 50 cents!)
Chkae Knyom Chkae Ke
Nice cover by Sam Sarath.

Khing Hoc Dy spent the whole day and was a great addition to the mix.

I ended up sitting next to novelist Mao Samnang. A lot of local talent has taken time out for this! And Pal Vannarirak is handing out copies of her two new novels.

The afternoon saw the awards and the results of the song competition.


(Ripple of enthusiasm in the audience as they recognize some TV stars are performing the songs.) Awards were for song lyrics, poems, short stories and literary research.


Race off over the bridge to Prek Leap for dinner with the Nou Hach team, then back across the bridge to Mondial Center for wedding reception for pals Dougald and Ashley! Never seen so many archaeologists in one place.

Then ‘after party’ with ‘The I Love You Band‘. Great to have some live rock and roll in Phnom Penh. What a day.

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