Thursday: Refugee Film Festival

Another jam-packed showing of ‘The Flute Player‘ at the French Cultural Centre. Masters Nong Chok (Bassac), Youn Mec (Wedding Music), Kung Nei (Chapei Dong Veng) and Yim Saing (Flute) were there. Many questions from the mixed audience of foreign and local viewers. Great response, and the Refugee Film festival added another showing!

I crossed the street to see how the Cambodian Book Sector Federation was doing with its childrens’ book training. The students were hard at work on their art, and Friday they’ll have an award ceremony. Pictures to follow. (Jeez, where’s my camera when I need it?)

Meanwhile, courtesy Boing Boing, a great link on Creative Commons licences. We’ve got to start thinking creatively about copyright in practice and actuality in Cambodia.

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