Cambodia Blogs (& video & podcasts) in the News (again)

Village Girl gets a writeup in the New York Times, in an article on Video Bloggers.
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(her husband also does a videoblog, and appears to be doing some work in Cambodia).

and Tharum (‘Cambodia’s Second Most Famous Blogger’ gets interviewed at Global Voices.

Khmer Operating System gets a mention in Linux World News! Serious Geek Cred.

Meanwhile, you can hear a local radio interview (105.5 FM) (podcast in Khmer) of members of Youth Council of Cambodia, regarding their work and weblogs. (Caution, big download if you are in Cambodia.)

Video Blogging and podcasting raise some interesting technical challenges. Was in Hurley’s Cantina the other night and we were checking out the news. “Cool, video blogs”. Hurley starts to download a clip from Village Girl – then realizes that it’s 18 megabytes.

That’s nothing in the developed world, but here if you go over your quota you could be charged a dollar a megabyte, depending on your internet provider. If I want to download something, I go to an internet cafe – they charge by the minute, not by the megabyte. Plus while connections are fast in Phnom Penh, in the provinces they’re 128kilobytes per second. A real headache if you’re on Hotmail.

That’s why I try to optimize pictures and pages whenever possible. You never know when there will be a power outage or the internet will suddenly become… slow, for no apparent reason at all.

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