Siem Reap Part 2

Siem Reap Part Two

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Siem Reap certainly is looking a bit more developed, lots of tourism going on, even in the low season.

Beni and I land at Foreign Correspondents’ Club. Today is our last chance to see “&”, an exhibition by Douglas P. Baulos, Matthew Posey, Linda Saphan. (Pic below.) It’s being taken down tomorrow. Sasha Constable stops by on her big bike and has a bite of lunch with us.

FCC Exhibition

We head off to our various lodgings – Sash has very kindly offered to put me up.
She’s done more with her new place in the last two weeks than I have in six months! It looks like a great little countryside artist retreat and makes me a bit homesick for Siem Reap.

We spend a bit of time catching up. I get to meet one of her neighbors, another Siem Reap expat, who is harvesting honey with local villagers and getting together an expedition of people who want to see how it’s done. Sounds cool! I hope they get some pictures.

Sash is getting a sculpture workshop together, and it’s great to talk more about art. What can we do, how can we get more training out here? She has amazing works under development, but you’ll just have to wait until they’re ‘fully polished’ – literally.

Few of the Siem Reap contingent I know are around… we decide to have a night in so our resident chef whips up some food and we watch a nature film about Gall Wasps.

Next: fish, lizards, Angkor.

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