"The World on a Train"

“The World on a Train”


In 1985, when few people were writing about Cambodia, a Canadian writer won the World Fantasy Award for his novella ‘The Unconquered Country‘. It still has yet to be translated into Khmer, but can be found (if you look) at a few Phnom Penh bookshops – I’ve seen it at Fantastic Planet and one or two others.

In one of his following books, he wrote about a train disaster in “253“, as a response to the passing of his friend. In the wake of London’s tube bombing, Geoff Ryman writes that “The most important thing about these people is not how they died but how they lived”, and remarks on “how unexpected and individual we all are.”

His most recent book, “Air“, has been nominated for the Canadian “Sunburst” award. And coming in March 2006: The King’s Last Song, a new novel set in both ancient and modern Cambodia. (I think Monument Books will have some brisk sales.)

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