Last year I commented on Khmer440‘s defense of former English teacher (CamEd) and accused pedophile Clinton Betteridge.

Consequently I got some very weird site trackbacks from pro-pedophile sites in the UK. Ugh.

Lately Khmer440′s featured a slew of articles about taxi girls interspersed with some fine articles on travel and culture. Not sure I like this mix of content, it’s a bit creepy. If you want a dose of expat Cambodia culture I’d recommend Tales of Asia or Bayon-Pearnik first.

My preference doesn’t come from any moralistic approach, it’s more a matter of personal taste. I’m not sure it’s a representative picture of Cambodia, certainly not the Cambodia I’d like to see shared.

Do you like Thai food or Chinese? Do you like writing that’s detailed and gritty or restrained and nuanced? Do you want your advertisement to run next to a picture of a taxi girl flicking off the reader?

It’s (in theory) a free country, and a free internet. You decide.

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