Not so Hard to Find

Not so Hard to Find


I tagged along one day when former housemates Linda, Sopheap and Erwan were scouting out locations for the Visual Arts Open. After stopping by Wat Phnom Art School we went to Atelier Svay Ken.

Most Cambodian art fans know of Svay Ken‘s prolific work habits and unpretentious style. It was only a few months after Ingrid Muan had passed away, and while many were talking about the sad loss to the world of art, Svay Ken was actually *doing* something. His gallery was full of new paintings, all of Ingrid. In keeping with to his style, in each one she was wearing the same shirt, showing her life and work in Svay Ken’s simple and direct way.

It was really touching, and now I’m pleased to announce this work won’t be ‘hard to find’:

A Good Friend is Hard to Find
A homage to Ingrid Muan by painter Svay Ken
Opening: January 29th, 2006 at 5 pm

Reyum: 47, Street 178, Phnom Penh
Tel: 023 217 149, email: reyum[via]camnet[dot]com[dot]kh

With the support of the Albert Kunstadter Family Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation

This is great to see, and a good example that while the world of Khmer contemporary art is small, it’s tightly knit and supportive when people sincerely give it their all.

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