Animation and Karaoke

Animation and Karaoke

Stumbled into a photo shoot for a karaoke video today! They were rolling film for Pich Sophea.


It’s a busy week for art. We had a great international collaboration at Reyum, a talk by multimedia artist Mo-Ling Chui at SunDew (with translation) and some new drama at Sovanna Phum.

I’d be splitting myself in half to go to all these things but hey the Animation comes first.

Today Tom Chandler profiled the Monash University efforts to digitally model temples and their surroundings. Many questions from our audience, which ranged from monks and students to visual artists who want to learn animation themselves.

Visualising Angkor Day Two

Sunday 19th, 6:30 pm: come by to see Animation Teacher Pou Sopheak and Architectural Advisor Hok Sokol talk about the local Heritage Watch project to model a traditional house. Tom will also be on hand to answer additional questions.

Mebon test print
Above: Vuth and Samphos show one of the many digital prints you can see at Le Popil Photogallery.

It’s all over Monday, so come by if you’re curious!

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