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Reading fodder

Go, read other sites: March for Freedom of Expression Lots of photos but only one blog post! Khmer Architecture Tours: Convince your friends you're cultured and sophisticated. Great photo opportunities too, give it a try! Better than watching poorly dubbed cartoons in Khmer on a Sunday morning. Breakdancing at the Crematorium @ Travel-Itch Why there's no McDonald's ...

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In Other Territories

"In Other Territories" is a new exhibition by Sera, most likely the first comic artist to address the Khmer Rouge era via graphic novel. More at Comics Lifestyle. Tags: comics, Cambodia

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Visualising Angkor, Day Three

Visualising Angkor, Day Three Architectural Advisor Hok Sokol (left), translator Rith (middle) and Animation Teacher Pou Sopheak have an 'animated discusssion' about their locally taught course. How do you build a house using 'point and click' instead of 'wood and brick'? ...

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Animation and Karaoke

Animation and Karaoke Stumbled into a photo shoot for a karaoke video today! They were rolling film for Pich Sophea. It's a busy week for art. We had a great international collaboration at Reyum, a talk by multimedia artist Mo-Ling Chui at SunDew (with translation) and some new drama at Sovanna ...

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Visualising Angkor Opening

Visualising Angkor Opening A scene from the opening at Le Popil of 'Visualising Angkor'. Locally done 3D animation as well as scenes from Monash University. Talks will continue this Saturday and Sunday, 6:30 pm. Check 'What's On' for more details. Tags: Cambodia,animation

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