Visualising Angkor Opening

Visualising Angkor Opening

A scene from the opening at Le Popil of ‘Visualising Angkor‘. Locally done 3D animation as well as scenes from Monash University. Talks will continue this Saturday and Sunday, 6:30 pm. Check ‘What’s On‘ for more details.

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  1. The Eternal Wanderer says:

    Hi Jinja!
    Saw your comment at my blog. Thanks for the link! It looks very interesting the exhibition that is going on there. Hopefully, there will be something similar that will happen here in Malaysia.

    I got the links to the videos that you uploaded from Naoko. It looks good, thanks for that! You have my permission to use them, of course. This is my email btw, phil.welcometomylife[at]gmail[com].

    Keep in touch and do update us with any happenings!

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