Point Form

Point Form
as things have been hectic:

*Geoff Ryman arrived today for workshops (with Nou Hach Literary Journal) and book launch (Monument Books) of ‘The King’s Last Song’.

*Sopheap Pich has a new show opening on the 5th.

*We met Sharon May who oversaw University of Hawaii’s ‘In the Shadow of Angkor‘ issue of literary journal Manoa.

*Geoff is exploring Khmer hip hop and we managed to do interviews with Prach Ly and Silong Chhun.

*Lots of Khmer New Year games and fun at the new Cambodian Living Arts house.

*The Phnom Penh Arts Festival launched and had a good crowd.

* * * * * *

Geoff and I are checking out the festival and the diverse crowd attending it. Elizabeth, a Reyum volunteer comes by.

A bald kid in old clothes comes up and asks for money. (Shaved heads often mean a quick solution to getting rid of lice and bugs.) Geoff politely ignores the kid who turns his attention to Elizabeth, who he can talk to in Khmer. Eliz doesn’t want to encourage begging and is politely firm in saying no. I simply say ‘No small change’.

Then Delphine from Sovanna Phum shows up and says in Khmer, in an almost maternal tone, “Hey, are you sniffing glue? You shouldn’t be doing that, it’s really bad for you. Do you have glue? Give it to me.” And the kid hands over the bag, and walks away.

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