Glue part II

Glue part II

*Getting harder to find quiet time for writing and recording. Lots going on.

*Many emails from the Book Federation which is considering an office move.

*Meeting with the Nou Hach Journal folks. As usual coordinator and renaissance man Kho Tararith has outdone himself, not only planning some workshops but bringing the students in to meet Geoff prior to teaching. There may be some press there. Sharon May is also there and quite curious about their scholastic background and interests. They end up doing a comical 5 minute precis on Western literature that I wish I’d gotten on film.

* Geoff and Rith coordinate on plans. Some quick calls to Monument Books to coordinate. Our press push is centered around launch on the 9th but the books hit Sihanoukville on the 22nd. Sigh.

* Blogger meetup with (left to right) Jinja, Cameras4Cambodia, Kalabird , Virak, Tharum (not in picture) and guest Geoff. Missing in action: Kampuchea Crossings, Mythicaldude and Mo-Ling.

Photo courtesy Kalabird; Elizabeth is sporting some Cyanotype clothing that we all agree would be a big fashion showstopper.

* We go from dinner to the second night of the Phnom Penh Arts Festival: Bassac theatre, traditional song, and of course Chapei player Kung Nei. Below is ayay, a genre of improvised song between a man and a woman. The guy trys to convince the girl that he’s a going concern, the girl generally feigns disinterest. It’s all done on the fly, bonus points if you can make the other performer laugh.

(Photo courtesy Kalabird)

* Geoff, Sharon May, and Prach are going ape, taking pictures left and right. I see these performers pretty regularly, for them it’s a real rarity.
*Meanwhile volunteers have fanned out through the crowd to get some feedback from watchers. They’ve been recruited from local youth groups and are all over it.

ick, glue

* Delphine’s managed to confiscate another bag of glue from a kid. She’s at a loss for what to do, if she throws it in the trash some other kid could get it. Geoff: “It’s a solvent, the plastic won’t stop the smell.” Delphine: “Burn eet.”

ick, glue
I toss it in an unused flowerpot outside my apartment.

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