In Search of Khmer Hip Hop Part 4: Don’t Sleep

Enough talk about Soben Huon - she’s working within the system to gain attention, acclaim and then leverage that to become a lawyer.


Here’s an alternate example: some Khmer/SE Asian women running their _own_ game, making their own music and clothing from scratch. Both approaches are valid, depending on who you are, what your skills are and where you’re from.


And the hitz just keep on coming. Vice Versa have a show Saturday – IF you’re in the LBC. They say:

What’s up!!! We’ll be performing with the following dope bands!! Come by and check it out!!
Hit us up if you want to roll!! We got a $5 guestlist before 9:30.
We will be performing right at 9:30. Check out the songs on our page!! If ya like us and Chapter 11, Bredarin Daddy’s, and B-foundation!! It’s a dope line-up! Don’t sleep!!! (mp3s here)

[Navin? Silong? I'm gonna delegate you to locate serious Mujestic Back Catalog in the USA.] Camboland needs real hip hop like Naga Casino needs a facelift.

Also Khmer students at UCLA have something underway, more at What’s On.

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